UP Events

Companies rise and fall with people. Well-functioning team is essential to any success and even the best of professionals will not secure the prosperity when the interpersonal communication does not work.
About us

We ask a lot

We are longtime professionals in event management. The base of each event is to prepare program exactly according to client´s needs. Therefore we question a lot at the beginning.

Each event is unique

With respect to the requirements and specific needs of each contracting entity we propose suitable location, catering, program and technical equipment. Events are planned with the utmost care, individuality and attention to detail. Each our contract is unique as well as each client we work with. The best reward for us is the client that returns.

Building a team

Intensive programs, ideally up to 15 people in duration from 1-3 days. They are used for newly formed teams for their development or restart. We focus on familiarization with new groups, developing relationship, team building, improving and developing communication.

Team Spirit

Programs for bigger groups with elements of building a working teams with an emphasis on shared experiences, reflection and feedback into everyday working life, team and corporate culture.

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