Building a team and a team spirit in our concept aims to examine potential problems, develop and motivate all team members. 

Teamwork is the cornerstone of a functioning society

We are specialist on outdoor programs, so that all forms of communication and strategy games come from our workroom. 

Outdoor programs are delivered either separately or as part of a comprehensive training as a mix of outdoor and indoor training activities.

We develop and strengthen trust among members and build a positive informal relations in the team. In our training programs we use the method of experiential learning in a natural, or mixed environment.

We use education by experience and its transfer to the working and private life. We place great emphasis on reflection and feedback. In practice, we use the theory of Kolba - Experiential Learning (1984) - a series of concrete experience, analysis, generalization and planning into practice. Each program is prepared as unique to a particular group on the basis of diagnosing its needs.

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